What is Akxo?

Akxo is an entry for the GoFly competition sponsored by Boeing. This competition is looking for a new way to transport people in urban areas by means of a personal aircraft which must be able to:

  • Stay in the air for 30 minutes
  • Fly for 40kms
  • Whole aircraft must fit inside an imaginary sphere of 2.6m diameter
  • Not be noisier than 97dB at 15m from the aircraft
  • Fly autonomously so that the passenger can enjoy the flight

Akxo has grouped about 35 people from different universities and companies. The akxo team counts with different backgrounds which makes the team richer in possibilities

5 thoughts on “What is Akxo?

  1. Hi! I have seen the video on YouTube in FAMEX 2019 about your electrical vehicle and I am interesting in contributing my knowledge with the development of this project. I am Mechanical and electrical Engineering.

    1. Hi Hermawan , thank you for your message, we hope we can be flying soon.
      And if your planning to make your own then we hope we could share ideas or even better keep us updated on your next challenges!


      Team AKXO

    1. Hi Hanifa, thank you for your message, we hope we can make this dream come true sooner than we think.
      By the way if you are interested on joining our team let us know.


      Team AKXO

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