About us

+Meet the team of mexicans that are behind this incredible idea:

Fidencio Tapia Chief Technical Officer Ph. D. aerospace engineering, Georgia Tech, sport flyer, mechanical engineering professor at Universidad Panamericana Guadalajara. Project manager
Elias Gonzalez Team Leader B. S. in mechatronics engineering, additional courses on operations management, aerodynamics, flight Dynamics, astronautics and design
Leticia Gaytan Chief Designer Ph. D. architecture, professor, M. Sc. in product design
Luis A. Barroso Chief Operations Officer Ph. D. Systems Engineering Management, professor
Ignacio Turrubiartes Propulsion Analyst Mechatronics engineer, GE Aviation (Engines, Externals), SEL Mechanical R&D Engineering
José Mario Márquez G. Community Contact B. A. student, current entrepreneur, innovator, leader and worker. Current director of the department of human resources in pharmaceutical Delta S.A. of C.V.
Akira Eduardo Shukuya Ono Funding B. A. student, courses in effective leadership
Angel Roberto Campos Simón Funding B. A. student
Constantino Valenzuela González Web page designer Animation engineering student
Miguel Sánchez G. Engineer Student in aeronautical engineering
Studies in High technology gesture and space expiriments in Самарский университет
Manager in Aerospace from AAET project (CanSat, Space exploration vehicle “Rover”)
Director at Altium Systems
Andrés S. Silva  Designer Animation engineering student
Javier Felix Rendón Engineer
Mechatronics engineer. Winner of the CENEVAL Award for excellent performance in the area of mechatronics. Master student in Electronic Systems
Eduardo Arreguin Electronics Engineer Electronics engineer student, mobile applications and web developer. Early adopter!!!
Sergio A. Gasca Designer B.A. industrial design, certified in transportation design
Brenda Saraí Rodríguez Rubio Designer Industrial designer holds a Diploma in Marketing Innovation
from the University of Economics in Bratislava
Currently working on UX design and Services Design for textile companies
Ulises Montiel Pichardo Engineer Architect M. Sc. in Architecture
Luis Ramón Grande Castillo Stability and Control Analyst B. S. in mechatronics engineering, FPV drone pilot, graduated with honors, finalist in Minisumo contests, LabVIEW advanced programmer, electrical testing specialist, intern at Texas Instrument, Freising, Germany and german language level: B2
Alejandro Blas Roldán Castellanos Professor
Professor at Universidad Panamericana in several subjects, from Philosophy of Technology to Cultural Studies
Broadcasting experienced professor
María José Loredo Prado Marketing Admin.
Assistant in the marketing department at Omnia Securita S. A de C.V.
Administrative assistant and accountant at Entrepreneurial Impulse of Guerrero
Proposed new image and new product line at Pharmacy Medina
Qualitative research for representative teams at UDLAP
Héctor Rudolf Stein Díaz Engineer Mechatronics engineering student

We invite you to help us with these or any other sections that you think you
can contribute with!